Quanda group is an enterprise integrated with the production and trade of the polymer material, synthetic material and industrial material, which is committed to providing the scheme with the material R&D, material selection, technical guidance, finish machining and application track integrated. Our products related to the precise mould, hand tool, mechanical equipment, hardware appliances, printing and packaging, mine and oil fields, construction, electronics and semiconductors, aerospace, medical equipment, food hygiene and many other industries and fields, provide customers with high-quality materials and industrial components through the excellent technology and quality control system.

      Medical packing printing material group is a department established to develop business in industries such as advertising printing packaging decoration engineering toys stationery. The factory is located in Shenzhen,Guangdong. Combined with a strong technical backing and support, the product quality is acclaimed domestic and abroad.

      Production including
      - PVC sheet
      - PET sheet
      - SP Medicinal composite membrane and bag
      - PTP Medical Aluminum foil

      Quality System
      The company's production workshop build and design in strict accordance with the ISO9000 international quality system standard, the production workshop make purification in strict accordance with the GMP standard, with professional quality assurance department. With our monitoring of the quality ,provide customers with stable quality of the material.

      Quality Testing
      We have established different testing laboratories in accordance with the international quality requirements, including chemical laboratory, physics laboratory, microorganism laboratory, blister packaging computer lab, rheological property laboratory, mechanical performance laboratory, electrical property laboratory .The testing equipment are from the world's most authoritative testing equipment manufacturer, with the ability testing various performance of medicinal or food grade sheet.

      Production Devices
      PVC hard sheet calender line—6 lines
      PET hard sheet calendar line—6 lines
      Medical PTP Aluminum foil printing coating machine—3 pieces.
      Sticker machine - 4
      blister packaging machine 10
      slitting machine, gouging machine, cutting machine and other auxiliary equipment, 15
      Thousands level standard cleaning workshop

      Production Ability
      --Medical PVC more than 12000 Tons/a
      --Medical PTP Aluminum foil more than 1500Tons/a
      --Different kinds of blister sheet and blister products more than 25000Tons/a
      --Other sheets more than 1000Tons/a
      --Total amount about 4000Tons/a

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