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This product contains the following details
Name:Biaxially oriented polystyrene

Colors Include:--Natural White, Black, Other Colors; Types: Sheets

Material properties of the table, the relevant certificate to inquire request

I. BOPS Description

BOPS material is non-toxic, tasteless, the proportion of light and excellent transparency ; Have good rigidity, surface hardness and gloss; With good dimensional stability, the surface decorative and excellent electric properties. BOPS product can contact with food directly, in line with the FDA and EU 90/128 / EEC health standard. It is one of "recycled class environmental protection product" which China's environmental protection administration designated.

II. BOPS Characteristics:


♦ Biaxially oriented, have high strength, rigidity, good transparency.
♦ Not easy scratches, good temperature adaptability(—40℃ ~85℃)
♦ High dimensional stability
♦ Processing is convenient, easy to printing, spraying, heat sealing is reliable
♦ Non-toxic, tasteless, clean sanitation, conform to the food hygiene standards, recognized as one of the green packaging material internationally

III.BOPS Applications

♦ food container,Pharmaceuticals packaging and pallet(BOPS biscuits tray; BOPS The moon cake holder; BOPS Booster injection supporting; BOPS Water tower; BOPS curatorial injection tray; BOPS Fruits box; BOPS food package; BOPS platane; BOPS Sushi box ;BOPS Bread box; BOPS Mess tin; BOPS Cup Lid; BOPS The sandwich box; BOPS Salad box; BOPS Chicken box)etc


♦ Rigid larger compare to other packaging materials, stress cracking deformation


For BOPS properties data sheet, please visit our technical resource section. Several grades of BOPS are available. For additional information on BOPS plastic materials, contact Quanda Plastics representative or call QUANDA at 0086-(0)755-28113160.

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