Plastic film for food packaging safety standards you execute it

Update: 2015-04-23 18:45:56  


    As we all know, used in plastic food packaging materials, packaging materials, in addition to have in general should have a performance outside, but also pay special attention to the packaging of health problems, has become an important means of ensuring food hygiene, food safety and prolong shelf life. So, the standard plastic film for food packaging have?

    (1)The plastics used in food packaging, food packaging must be in full compliance with health standards. Migration of toxic substances that plastic film itself does not occur, non-toxic, odorless, no smell; after printing bag can meet the above criteria.

    (2)Depending on the varieties of food packaging needs, using corresponding packaging materials. First, to clarify the nature of the contents.

    For example: biscuit, tea, tablets and the like packaging, requires a high degree of moisture resistance and gas barrier properties, in order to maintain its original flavor.

    The fresh vegetables and fruits packaging requires the right amount of oxygen supply its survival, if also used good barrier packaging material but will bring side effects.

    Another example: Frozen food packaging, plastic packaging material requirements, have a tolerance of low temperature freezer without hardening properties; for the production of "cooking bags" with composite materials have high temperature, high performance cooking without distortion; containing oil food packaging, oil resistance and have a function of UV penetration.

    Also note that the choice of plastic film for food packaging machinery operation does not appear bad sealing, wrinkling, perforation, broken bags and other defects.

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