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This product contains the following details
Name: PA6 Nylon, Polyamide

Colors Include: --Natural White, Black, Other Colors Types:---Sheets

Material properties of the table, the relevant certificate to inquire request

I. PA Description

PA is recognized as the most widely used and known engineering plastic in the current market. PA6 has the best performance, very tough, even at low temperatures, and high surface hardness, mechanical lower shock, and abrasion resistance. Combined with these characteristics and good insulation, and chemical properties, it has become common-level materials. It’s widely used in a variety of mechanical structures and spare parts. Compared to PA6, PA66 own the higher hardness, rigidity, better resistance to wear and heat deflection temperature. Temperature resistance from -40℃ to 110 ℃

II. PA Characteristics


♦ High strength and stiffness

♦ High impact and notch impact strength

♦ High heat deflection temperature

♦ Good at dampening

♦ Good abrasion resistance

♦ Low coefficient of friction

♦ Good chemical stability against organic solvents and fuels

♦ Excellent electrical properties, ease of printing and dyeing

♦ Food safe, noise reduction


♦ Poor dimension stability, electrical and mechanical properties may become affected by absorbing moisture or water

♦ Poor acidproof ability, can’t dye with acid or touch overmuch acid

♦ Poor lightfastness, poor endurance in pollution

III. PA Applications

♦ Fan blades, structural panels, wear pads

♦ Bearing parts, gear wheels, pump parts, parts in the automotive manufacturing

♦ Sliding rails, castors, fittings etc

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