PTFE thin sheet


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This product contains the following details
Name: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), Teflon

Colors include: natural white, black, other colors;Types:Sheets

Material properties of the table, the relevant certificate to inquire request

I. PTFE Description

In fluoroplastics, PTFE got the most consumption and was widely used. It’s an important material in a variety of fluoroplastics. PTFE exhibits astonishing chemical resistance and owns superior chemical resistance. This self-lubricating material provides low friction coefficient, so it’s an idea material for manufacturing corrosion-resistant gaskets & seals. And temperature resistance from -200℃ to 260 ℃.

II.PTFE Characteristics:


1. Superior endurance in corrosion
2. Non-flammable, limited oxygen index is under 90
3. Low friction coefficient
4. Non-viscous, Self-lubricating
5. Superior endurance in high & low temperature, can be used at -200~260℃
6. High electricity insulation
7. Atmospheric aging resistance, Good gas barrier property
8. Low permeability , Good gas barrier property
9. Good physiological compatibility and anti-thrombotic

III.PTFE Applications

Used as material which is resistant to both high and low temperature, corrosion-resistant materials, insulation materials in the atomic energy, defense, aerospace, electronics, electrical, chemical industry, machinery, instruments, meters, construction, textile, metal surface treatment, pharmaceutical, medical, food, and metallurgical smelting industry, and become irreplaceable products. For example, used to make gaskets, corrosion-resistant parts, medical equipment, wear parts and so on.

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