PVC thin sheet


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This product contains the following details
Name: PVC( Polyvinyl Chloride)Color Include: --natural Grey, black, white;Types: Sheets

Material properties of the table, the relevant certificate to inquire request

I.PVC Description

PVC is the most widely used member of the vinyl family. Common applications include chemical processing tanks, valves, fittings & piping systems. PVC The outstanding performance of PVC includes high mechanical strength, high hardness, good chemical resistance, electrical insulation, good printing and welding. PVC modified varieties including high polymer PVC, chlorinated PVC and PVC / ABS alloy. It’s working temperature is 0℃~+70℃.

II. PVC Characteristics


1. High mechanical strength, high hardness
2. Good electrical insulation
3. Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
4. Good printing and welding
5 Flexibility adjustable
6. Inflame retarding


1. Poor thermal stability
2. Poor processing properties
3. Poor impact resistance
4. Poor aging resistance and cold resistance

III.PVC Applications

1. Pollution control equipment
2. Chemical processing
3. Semiconductor processing equipment
4. Machined and fabricated parts
5. Scrubbers, hoods, ducts and other protective equipment
6. Packaging materials of food, drugs or cosmetics
7. Injection products such as Pipe fittings, valves, office supplies shell and electrical appliance shell casing

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